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We love working with you to address all of your complexities and allow you cater challenges furiously. Our partners are highly valuable to us in providing utmost support in the form of customized ideas and services shaping in stronger relationships.

Sell to Over 20 Million Annual Customer Visits

Contractpapers  is an ideal solution for professional sellers interested in reaching a broad and motivated customer base. Take advantage of our award-winning reputation that shoppers know and trust and let Contractpapers  be your virtual storefront, reaching over 20 million annual visits.


Who We Are Looking For

We’re building the best marketplace in the industry, starting with companies that really find other terms to describe:

Customer-centric companies that understand the value of their customers

Traditional bricks & mortar retailers competing against big online stores

Highly seasoned & trend-setting marketplace sellers

Seasonal sellers

Companies that understand competitive pricing and merchandising (or need help doing so)

Quality manufacturers/distributors with customer support capabilities

Overseas companies looking to bring new products to the North American market

Why Sell on Business?

When your organization requires more than business-as-usual IT, it's time to partner with the leading provider of IT products and solutions. Extend your capabilities with us today, and take advantage of what we have to offer.

Reach Business Customers

Sell to over 350,000 Verified Business Customers.

No Selling Fees

List your items free. No monthly subscription fees. Cancel anytime.

Low Commission Rates

If you don’t sell, we don’t charge. Our success means helping you sell more.

Simple and Fast Setup

Register, list, and start selling in days. Manage all orders with our user-friendly portal.

Offline Sales Team

We’re connecting you to buyers who want your products.

Access to a Dedicated Staff

Partner with your designated Marketplace Account Managers to build your business.

Multichannel Fulfillment

Available warehousing, fulfillment, shipping and return services by Shipped by Contractpapers  (SBN).

Customized Marketing Strategies

Magnify your brand’s visibility with marketing opportunities that target both online and offline customers.

Self-Serve Tools

Configure account settings to support your internal approval processes; track purchases, RMAs, and more. Enjoy easy-to-use online tools, such as spend analysis and online quote requests, to better manage your business.

Flexible Payments

Manage your purchasing processes with ease by taking advantage of our multiple payment options such as Net Terms, credit card, leasing, PayPal, wire transfer, and more.

E-Procurement Partner

Streamline purchasing through your E-Procurement interface to better manage your buying process while reducing transactional costs. We support industry-standard protocols such as cXML, xCBL, OCI and more.


Access over hundreds of thousands of IT products from various categories. From laptops to desktops and servers to data storage, we've got you covered.


Enjoy member-only benefits and exclusive offers via our free rewards program for business. Earn points on every dollar spent and redeem them as cash towards future purchases. The more you spend, the more you save.

Learning Center

Take control of your tech and stay informed on the latest developments with Smart Buyer. Learn how tech functions in business and gain insight from how-to guides and expert opinions.

Choose Your Selling Tier

Partner Tiers


 Partners have a proven track record of success launching Enterprise stores on the Contractpapers  platform. These partners offer full-service solutions, from world-class design to complex technical implementations. These partners have completed advanced levels of Contractpapers  Tech and Sales training and have full access to dedicated Channel support.


Contractpapers  Partners offer a full suite of services and are ecommerce experts. Our Preferred Partners have a portfolio of Contractpapers  implementations and are strategically growing their Contractpapers  practice.


Contractpapers  Partners have a strategic interest in offering Contractpapers  as a solution to their clients. They are invested in training their team and are most likely just starting their Contractpapers  practice.





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