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Allow your customers to send you a private ticket (maybe with their sensitive data) and ask for help. To obtain direct assistance from our support staff regarding your gesture installation, billing issues, licensing issues,technical issue etc. It is recommended to check the forum and knowledgebase first to eliminate known or common problems with installation. You must be logged in to obtain access to the helpdesk.

Directly reach hundreds of thousands of engaged professionals, Tech Lovers , and Students through our daily, weekly, and monthly newsletters

Create a list of frequently asked questions in different categories and refer to them in your support process. From questions about integration, customer service, marketing, to campaign planning and beyond, we have you covered. Take a look at some of our FAQs, and if you still have questions feel free to reach out to us- we are happy to speak with you and help in any way possible.




Your customers as well as potential buyers can create a public topic to get in touch with you and each other.

A comprehensive knowledge base can extremely reduce number of support request and save your valuable time.

Downloads View our categorized library of downloads for all necessary manuals, software, etc.




Strike up a conversation

Reach your customers instantly via web, mobile, and messaging

Form relationships with customers by offering rich, modern conversational experiences on any device, supported by bots and automation.geo-target specific markets

Give your customers real-time support as they browse your website and answer questions quickly.

Your feedback is important for us and helps us in never stopping service improvement process so our website visitors and customers get more and more satisfied.

Report Abuse/ Complaints

To report any form of abuse activity (trojans, phishing, adware etc) with respect to any gesture service please click here to submit your complaint

Im just wondering if you have any plans…

found something interesting on the web? Share it with everyone here .We read and take into consideration every suggestion received. Become part of our R&D team, start suggesting !

We are Very Transparent and Opt Rules/Policies ,

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