As a composer (or as a music artist more in general) you aren’t just some generic freelancer, 
which is why some universal contract template won’t protect your time, money, or ideas.
Most musicians think that just because a client commissioned them, the client can use their work any way they want. 
Not true. Our contract template, drafted around the needs of artists in the music industry, makes it easy for you to determine how your music will be used. 
Music Artist Contract will put an end to that by clearly establishing additional fees for late payments made by clients.
A music producer contract is a legally binding agreement that defines the specific terms of a relationship, 
usually between a producer and an artist, determining each party’s rights, responsibilities, compensation, and other crucial, vital details.
Who’s The Boss? Depends….
What can a client do with you work?
 Get paid 50% to start a new project
No more waiting for your final payment

  Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  The contract Paper in Portable Document Format (.PDF), Rich Text Format (.RTF)and Plain Text Document (.TXT) formats.
  Making it easy to customize the contract to your specific needs.

NOTE: Purchasing contract paper by Contract papers does not create an Attorney-Client relationship between you and Contract papers or their founders. 
Contract papers is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice, opinions or recommendations. If you need legal advice, you should hire an attorney.

Different laws: The contract paper are designed to fulfil some of the principal legal requirements of some of the major jurisdictions.
However, every jurisdiction has its own particular rules. For this reason we do not (and indeed cannot) guarantee that
the contract paper will meet the requirements of your legal system. Unfortunately, the only way to ensure that you meet all of
the requirements of applicable law is to take legal advice from an appropriately qualified and experienced lawyer.

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Right To Use : You may view, download, print, copy, adapt and amend the documents, subject to the restrictions below.
You must not re-publish any document in its unamended form, or publish derivatives of a template including any footnotes or square brackets appearing in the templates.
 You have no rights to sell or distribute these templates or derivatives thereof or to license to others any rights in these templates or derivatives.

Free Copy : If anyone steal your hard earn time Free Copy DMCA NOTIFICATION Copyright Infringement Report   

Similar Contract :- if you are a visual artist, then it is possible that you apply your skills to different areas in the same field:
if this is the case, you may find useful our other contracts for freelance photographers, for graphic designers, for illustrators and for web designers.

This terms and conditions generator gives you a very generic template as a starting point. If you have any concerns and believe that the template provided 
does not meet your needs, please get in touch with a legal expert to draft your terms and conditions.
By using this tool, you acknowledge the fact that we are not in any way responsible for any damages that your business may incur.
This is a FREE tool meant for people who don't want to hire a legal professional. You can improve this tool by leaving us feedback on
You have no rights to sell or distribute these templates or derivatives thereof or to license to others any rights in these templates or derivatives.

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