Get Legal Offer Attorney Draft Legal Pages For Online Business

Opt Host Solution Or Cloud Based Saas Apps Add Sleek Widget at any your web page, Force your website visitors to agree to your Terms,.


GET LEGAL MODULE offers the Legal Terms and Condition for your website or online presence .
Created by an Internet attorney . All the basics (and more!) are covered here, though you can also build your own legal pages or mix and match existing contract paper to make your own version of some of these pages.
Owing to well-thought solutions that we implemented, you will be able to quickly configure and set up new Pre Define Legal Documents ,simply add Sleek Widget at your client area legal page or /and any webpages , Just upload the zip file, fill in your business information to be injected into the pre-made legal documents , and then choose which temlegal pages out of the library you want to publish, click the button and you have your legal pages up!
you can opt Host Solution or cloud based solution Your customers will be able to View and Print the latest Terms/Legal Notification through your client area. you can not miss our module. Your clients will definitely appreciate this!.
Module is very intuitive and easy to use. Actions performed on it will immediately apply on client side.

Admin Area

  • User Friendly Management Desh Board
  • Easy Modification Of Existing Legal Agreements or policy
  • Display Terms add Sleek Widget at your legal web page or /and any webpages
  • Preview Of Branded Client Area
  • EU Cookies Law Notification
  • Forced agreement – don’t allow your users to proceed without agreeing to your terms
  • Different Law Select Language and Country wise Legal Pages
  • One Time Setting , fill in your business information at setting area to be injected into the pre-made templates automatically
  • Diffrent Class of online Business Lawyer approved legal page
  • Sleek Widget Place at client side home page or legal web page Footer Part
  • We Implement 1-Click Automatic
  • Request Button For Custom Legal Draft Power To Online Solicitor (Target Legal Advice for Internet Business)
  • Client Area Features

  • Forced agreement –Bind users to proceed without agreeing to your terms
  • EU Cookies Law Notification
  • New Terms and amendments Notification
  • Display Legal Terms Responsive Theme Sleek widget
  • Brand Configuration

    • Brand URL Address • Brand Name • Company Name • Brand Language • Brand Address • Brand Email


  • Multi-Language Support
  • Support & Updates - Free 1 year - 10 USD (incl. VAT )/ 1 year (optional For Host Solution)
  • License is generated for one install/use (domain-ip-directory) .
  • Legal Page Drafting addition fee apply Power to Online Solicitor (A Law Firm -Target Legal advice for online business)
  • We provide Manual in English
  • Get Legal Module is listing at Marketplace' Community Addons
  • Requirements

  • PHP Version 5.2 or newer
  • MySQL Version 5.0.91 or newer

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