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1Do you have a contact form on your website ?
Then you are collecting personal information (email address)and your website need a privacy policy.
2Do you publish information or advice on your website?
Then people could rely in correctly on your information or advice and your website need a website disclaimer.
3Do you sell goods or services through your website ?
Then your website must state you comply with sell and delivery digital and non digital things shipping information in shopcart terms and condition.
4.Do you allow adverting on your website?
Then your website should include additional terms and condition for advertisers.
5Do you allow contributors to post on your website?
Then Terms of contributors
6Do you allow 3rd parties to market to your website subscription?
then yourwebsite subscription need to provide an active release.

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1Get Support!?
If you have problems regarding using the plugin, please contact me and I'll help you.Support for my items includes:
Responding to questions or problems regarding the item and its features
Fixing bugs and reported issues
Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions
installation services
Item support does not include:
Support for third party software and plug-ins
Contract papers does NOT make you a client of Attorney , and neither Contract papers can provide legal consultation as a part of your purchase.
Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
The contract Paper in Portable Document Format (.PDF), Rich Text Format (.RTF), Plain Text Document (.TXT), and Microsoft Word Document (.DOCX) formats.Making it easy to customize the contract to your specific needs.
2Special Note?
Purchasing contract paper by does not create an Attorney-Client relationship between you and legal app or their founders. is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice, opinions or recommendations. If you need legal advice, you should hire an attorney.
3Different laws:?
The contract paper are designed to fulfil some of the principal legal requirements of some of the major jurisdictions. However, every jurisdiction has its own particular rules. For this reason we do not (and indeed cannot) guarantee that the contract paper will meet the requirements of your legal system. Unfortunately, the only way to ensure that you meet all of the requirements of applicable law is to take legal advice from an appropriately qualified and experienced lawyer. .
4Disclaimers?"Site") and the documents or pages that it may provide,are provided on the condition that you accept these terms, and any other terms or disclaimers that we may provide. You may not use or post any of the templates or legal documents until and unless you agreed. We are not licensed attorneys and do not purport to be. contractpapers.comis not a law firm, is not comprised of a law firm, and its employees are not lawyers. We do not review your site and we will not review your site. We do not purport to act as your attorney and do not make any claims that would constitute legal advice.We do not practice law in any state, nor are any of the documents provided via our Site intended to be in lieu of receiving legal advice. The information we may provide is general in nature, and may be different in your jurisdiction. In other words, do not take these documents to be"bulletproof" or to give you protection from lawsuits. Since the law is different in every state, you should have these documents reviewed by an attorney in your jurisdiction. .


1Don't forget to update to the latest version?
Don't forget to update to the latest version.Extra options and new updates came out today! Feel free to download and upgrade (Requires active Licence Key)
2Reseller For Contract papers?
Reseller For Contract papers is a fantastic module allowing you to resell our modules directly through your own panel!.
3Requires active support contract submit a New Ticket?
To obtain direct assistance from Gesture support staff regarding your installation, billing issues, licensing issues,technical issue etc. You must be logged in to obtain access to the helpdesk. (Requires active support contract) .